Reliable Sun Tanner Products To Get You A Healthy Glow Without The Potential Health Risks

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, May 17, 2012 | 1:55 AM

By Haywood Hunter

Physical appearance is important to most people. Many feel that having a tanned skin tone makes them more confident and that they look more attractive to others. A lot of people will go to great lengths to achieve this look, even risking their health and well being to create a certain persona. Celebrities can influence young girls particularly and make them want the same tanned even complexion these celebrities seem to exude. For anyone who wants to achieve a safe tanned appearance there are a number of sun tanner products to choose from.

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A lot of times people are not even aware of the amount of sun they are absorbing. This is especially true at the ocean, on lakes and at water parks where the wind and water can create a false sense of protection from sunlight. Many are willing to risk the dangers just to achieve a long lasting, natural looking tan.

Doctors have been telling their patients for decades that overexposure to harsh sunlight is risky and dangerous. It can have long lasting effects. Skin cancer is common and can have devastating consequences for its victims. Sagging, wrinkled, dry skin is also a byproduct of overexposure to harsh sunlight.

Tanning beds were very popular at one time. People thought they could get a gradual tan which would be safer than being exposed to direct sunlight. In fact most experts now say that the risk of getting skin cancer from using tanning beds is as high as the risk from overexposure to direct sunlight.

Some companies sell pills that they claim will cause the skin to become tanned. The Food and Drug Administration has no research on the safety and effectiveness of these pills because they are sold as dietary supplements.

Sunless tanning lotions have been on the market for many years. They are a safe and sensible way to create a look of tanned skin without the harmful effects of direct sunlight. In the past many people avoided using them because they thought the look was not natural. The lotions turned some skin types a strange orange looking color. They often streaked and didn't color the skin evenly. Some even had a peculiar odor that people found unpleasant.

There has been a big improvement in sunless tanning products over the last few years, and there are more options than ever before to get a tan without using the destructive force of the sun. The popularity of spray tanning has really exploded in recent years. Salons have sprung up that offer professional, natural looking, even toned tanning at whatever level of darkness the client desires. People who prefer to do the spray tanning themselves can find a number of products that are readily available in most stores.

Looking tan makes many people feel more attractive and confident. They may also feel younger and healthier looking with darker skin. By utilizing sun tanner products instead of relying on the harsh rays of the sun to achieve this look, people can minimize the potential health risks that sun damage can cause.

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