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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, May 17, 2012 | 1:44 AM

By Michael Fraserf

If you have an attractive garden that's full of flowers as well as plants, trees and shrubs however it still have something missing, it may be garden fountains that you're missing. There are lots of types of garden fountains ranging from statues, ornamental platform and wall fountains. Garden fountains add a beautiful accent to your garden and that also creates a soothing sound that may refresh the mind.

There are numerous themes to pick for your garden fountains. You could make garden fountains as basis for the garden concept. There are lots of garden fountains that happen to be associated with a theme such as animal, flower, birds and plants. Additionally, there are garden fountains of sculptures of people, fairy and angels. You can also make a themed garden by using these art forms. If you want to opt for a fairy theme for the garden, it is possible to sprinkle accessories of fairy theme in garden like stars, wind chimes, statues etc. Angel garden fountains in garden, accessories and beautiful flowers can make a garden a fairy garden.

You can also create a floral themed garden using floral garden fountains. Because of this, you'll need colorful garden. You may also place floral decorations in your garden; a flower bed along garden fountains also looks beautiful. An animal themed garden can be another great idea for your garden because this will be the fun spot for children. Garden fountains are offered in different animal shapes. You may also select bird theme garden fountains for the garden; it's going to look really good in garden. Garden fountains can provide as bird feeder; they are for sale in different styles and materials. Terra cotta bowls garden fountains will likely be useful for decoration and bird feeder. For those who have small garden then wall garden fountains are best for space saving. Wall garden fountains also come in different designs; choose a design that complements your garden decor or concept.

In case you have a big garden you could select large garden fountains. For small garden you can choose statue garden fountains or free standing garden fountains. Garden fountains that contains water fall appear elegant on the garden. You can also set up garden fountains in a small pond on the garden. Statue garden fountains in water pond can be used as a center piece of the garden. Exterior decoration of your home will certainly add aesthetic sense to your outdoor and garden fountains will be the main attraction of the garden.

Maintenance of garden fountain is needed for perfect look, for that you need to keep in mind proper water flow, clean water etc. Water flow is the very common problem that you're facing once you got the garden fountains. The water from the garden fountains flow unevenly. The other very common problem of garden fountains is dirty, green water in the garden fountains. The garden fountains need change of water and some algae treatment. This algae treatment must be animal-safe because birds are drinking your garden fountains water. Cleaning water is a necessity for the garden fountains.

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