Basic Information On Nursing Scrubs

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By John Taylor

The term used to describe some gowns, or trousers and shirts worn in health facilities is scrubs. In countries such as the United Kingdom, these garments may also be called Theatre Blues. Individuals who work in these health settings often wear these uniforms. Surgeon and nursing scrubs are named after the practice of scrubbing in before performing operations.

These clothing items are made to be simple and very minimal. There are very little places dirt to hide or collect and in general, they are easy to launder. If staining or damage occurs, this attire can be replaced and an inexpensive price.

In many hospitals, it is now very common for individuals to wear these clothes outside of surgery. Originally this attire was worn as replacement of street clothes when they became soiled or contaminated. Now, many hospital personnel, even those who work in clean areas, opt for this clothing. This may be because of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. The spread of this condition as increased the usage of these clothes, under the false belief that they cannot be contaminated like other clothing.

In the past, nurses were required to wear uniforms in a surgery setting, while surgeons did not have to. In fact, many of these physicians were known to dress in street clothes and a small apron, and use non-sterile equipment and no gloves during operations. Over the year, a lot has changed when it comes to sanitation.

The 1970s marked the decade in which these clothes became what they are today: a short-sleeved, v-neck shirt with drawstring pants, or a calf-length, short-sleeved gown or dress. Often times these are constructed from a blend of polyester and cotton fabric. The standard color is green, however, these are made in different patterns and colors, especially for wear outside of operating rooms.

Surgeon and nursing scrubs are most commonly used in America. In other countries, these personnel are made to wear a uniform usually consisting of a dress or a tunic with trousers. This attire is simply designed, inexpensive and easy to clean. They were once exclusively worn during surgery and have no become more widely used in health settings, even in clean environments.

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