Items to Talk About with Painting Companies in Houston TX

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Friday, May 18, 2012 | 1:34 AM

By Melody J. Cook

Choosing to have your house painted professionally is a huge step in the appropriate direction. Even so, only a few painting companies in Houston TX acknowledge the same types of standards or use the exact same set of treatments. Here are several matters you ought to talk about with your painting contractor before going forward with the project:

Exterior Surface Protection

Unless your home is a new construction, it is rare for painting contractors to work on homes with bare exteriors. If you have landscaping, plants, and other outdoor fixtures you want to protect from paint splatters, talk to your contractor about it. Your paint contractor can provide protection for outdoor surfaces and fixtures that shouldn't be painted. Plastic sheeting, tarpaulin, and plywood sheets are common barriers. It is a big waste of money if you have to reinvest in landscaping that is damaged by painting.

Surface Preparation

Paint will not adhere to surfaces properly without preparation. If the surface isn't smooth, painting over it will cause it to look bumpy and crack soon enough. Talk to your painting contractor about surface preparation for your project. Your siding may need to be sanded prior to painting or there may be cracks on the wall that needs to be caulked. Discuss how your painting contractor intends to prepare your exterior walls for painting.


A paint job isn't finish even if the second layer has been applied. The necessary finishing work should be done to be sure that the painted surfaces are as good as they can be. Clean outlines, bright colors, and cleanup must also be overseen by the Houston painting service provider you hired. Focus on what tasks will be a part of the finishing work; you don't want to be surprised when your painter walks out as soon as the second coat is employed.

Before getting pumped up about choosing colors, discuss the services first with your Houston painting company. Texas painters have different criteria so it's best to be crystal clear and detailed regarding what you expect from the job.

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