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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, April 12, 2012 | 1:01 AM

By James Galloway

New home based business opportunity and best stiforp team. Have you struggled with mlm before? thats because it is not easy. The only trouble is to get better you need to fail first and learn, but what comes with this is baggage. You hold onto your fears and they hinder you.

First of all, stiforp is a new mlm home business opportunity. Ok, we have seen tonnes of these before and they have a crazy launch with a lot of hype, just to dither out within weeks.

But something they have done here is learnt from the founders 30 years experience and other platforms mistakes. There are key problems which most mlm platforms face, but stiforp have encountered these head on and done something about it to fine tune their power house of an opportunity.

Stiforp are using something they call a forced matrix with spill over, which builds the team downwards. This is not new to mlm but they have gone with the 2x14 matrix which basically gives everybody two first level and the rest are forced below. They have included multiple income streams to work with this matrix. You get a fast start bonus paid weekly on all referrals, a matching 50 percent bonus on their matrix commissions every month, the residual monthly commissions based on positions in your matrix. There are further income streams also.

Why is stiforp so different then? The product and monthly price is simply awesome. You can see the huge potential straight away because it is focused on an industry with over 200 million potential users which are in the home business industry. The cost to be part of this is incredibly low and anybody who has struggled in the past can easily afford this.

So what does best stiforp team have to do with them? It is a group of modern day marketers who know how to work the web. They use stiforp as the platform to run a huge rotator hosted on multiple urls and many smaller rotators causing a network of traffic. Combine this with a 2x14 forced matrix and it is very powerful indeed. This is what most mlm platforms have missing, a true team working hard to benefit everyone.

They are off to a flying start, and best stiforp team are including further additions to their already working platform to leverage further to be the best mlm solution of all time. Stiforp Free rotator inclusion with Best MLM Business Team.

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