Choosing the Best Sonic Toothbrush

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Friday, March 9, 2012 | 12:54 AM

By Justin King

All electric toothbrushes supply their energy from a battery. Cheap brands of electric toothbrushes utilize AA battery as their source of power while quality brands use rechargeable batteries to keep it reusable. Electric toothbrushes come in many varieties which are all proven effective in removing plaque and cleaning the teeth. Sonic toothbrush has a single brush head that vibrates quickly from side to side with at least 30,000 to 40,000 vibrations per minute. The spinning characteristic of the head that rotates very quickly in one direction enables it to remove easily leftover foods in between teeth and also in removing dental plaques.

Before buying sonic toothbrushes, you should first calculate the future expenses of maintaining it. If you will buy cheap sonic toothbrushes powered by AA batteries, you will also spend money buying batteries all the time. And be sure of the store's policy in returning substandard sonic toothbrushes. All sonic toothbrushes are widely available at mass retailers, drugstores and warehouse discount stores nationwide.

Most of the sonic toothbrushes include a timer that indicate or turns the toothbrush off after two minutes to ensure you are dedicating the dentist-recommended amount of brushing time to your teeth. The more expensive models sound four additional alarms, known as quad pacers, every 30 seconds to signal you to begin brushing another of the four quadrants of your mouth to encourage you to devote equal brushing time to all your teeth.

As for the best choice of sonic toothbrush, a lot of individuals recommend the use of Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush. This brand of toothbrush provides gentle cleaning of the teeth in a much comfortable way due to its contoured bristles. It is manufactured to offer better improved results to the consumers. These are rechargeable toothbrushes; you would not mind buying batteries to make it usable as always.

It has a very functional head that is created to eliminate more plaques and dental cavities that hide in between teeth. It will wash away many small bacteria that consume nutrients from the leftover foods inside your mouth to avoid having undesirable bad breath. It has three clean modes that ensure that all possible plaques are removed. It will clean, massage and sensitize your teeth, you will be greatly satisfied while using this.

Another model of this sonic toothbrush is being manufactured with 5 brushing moods that will greatly satisfy the customer. This model has the gum care feature that makes it completely different from other brands of toothbrush. This toothbrush will provide you healthy gums in only a span of 14 days. With the use of Sonic Technology, the tendency of bleeding gums is impossible with this brand of toothbrush.

This kind of toothbrush is manufactured in a way that all the customers are satisfied of the brand they are using. It's in each person's opinion that electric toothbrushes are simply tools that assist in accomplishing the task of performing thorough oral hygiene. It doesn't look at brushing teeth as a timed event. Instead, individuals see it as a process that needs to be taken to a point of completion, no matter how long or what it takes to accomplish it.


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