A Simple Solution to Reduce Your Deck Maintenance by 80%

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Friday, March 16, 2012 | 1:28 AM

By Wade Millard

Many owners wish to have a nice deck with low upkeep. Too often in their search to get a deck that needs low upkeep, they always appear to end up with a composite wood deck. While this solution is potentially better than a conventional wood deck; there still remains many issues and a lot of maintenance.

After hearing from many wood and composite wood deck owners, all of them have a standard theme, they're tired of the dull look and expensive upkeep of their deck. Not to mention the dull hours of time they put in to keep the deck looking decent.

The pleasant news is that there's an option available that will reduce upkeep by up to 80%. The way to accomplish this reduction in maintenance may surprise you, as it is extremely simple to accomplish.

So what is the magical deck I am talking about? It is just to build a stone deck. There are so very many benefits that stone offers over the more common wood or composite. Stone is sturdy to extreme weather changes, extraordinarily potent against sun fading, fireproof, and it does not

necessitate near the same amount of expensive sealants and stainers that so many characteristic decks do.

There's more good news. If your worried about the fact that your deck is very far above the ground, you do not need to worry. It's feasible and in fact exceedingly easy to triumph over this scenario. There is a product on the market that's made by a company called Silca System that makes a sturdy substructure called a Silca Grate that neatly fits right on the rafters of the deck. Once the Silca Grate is securely attached to the beam, all that is left is to overlay with your stone.

A house owners outdoor living area is a vital part of the overall wonder of the house and pleasure for the relatives and friends. If you desire to spend more time enjoying your deck, I'd highly recommend considering a stone deck. You not only reduce maintenance immensely but you've got a unique and lovely new addition to your house.

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