"Prohibition" Fashion + Costume Design from HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | 9:07 AM

I must confess, I mostly watch Boardwalk Empire for the beautiful clothes the women wear (although the show is shot exquisitely!). Every time I see a scene in the dress shop or even the lingerie and robes worn by the ladies in their homes my heart goes all a flutter.

Boardwalk Empire

The costumes were designed by John A. Dunn and crafted by Martin Greenfield using the Fashion Institute of Technology's 1920s tailoring books as their main source of inspiration. (Yay for vintage inspirations!) A few pieces are rented from a vintage shop in Albany, NY (Daybreak Vintage Company).

Boardwalk Empire Boardwalk Empire boardwalk-empire5 boardwalk-empire6 Boardwalk Empire

In an interview with Esquire magazine (Sept 2010) costume designer John A. Dunn is quoted "I developed the feel for each of the characters. We all wanted it to be very, very accurate and specific to the period. So, I limited myself to the fabrics of 1920."

Margaret-Schroeder-boardwalk-empire boardwalk-empire7 boardwalk-empire- boardwalk-empire3 boardwalk-empire4 boardwalk_empire_01

Credits: Costume design information from Boardwalk Empire Wiki. Read more on John A Dunn's interview with Esquire Here.

Image Credits: Behind the Scenes of Boardwalk Empire, Men's Fashion on Esquire.com, Boardwalk Empire on IMDB.com


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