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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | 1:24 AM

By Daniel Turbin

There is a fantastic new residential or commercial best door locks that offer 5 levels of security, as compared with the two cylinder locks that were thought of as the best locks for a good price during the past. Crime and society has developed the need for drastic changes in the world. One of the best residential door locks I just read about is the 3000 series deadbolt that is a 21st century model involving 40,000 man hour, 10 years and NASA's funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program. This particular lock absorbs and spread impact pressure form kicking or other attempted entries as well as can be made to match any door frame. The screws are extra-long and drilled at 30 degree angles, resulting in forces entry being impossible because it reinforces more, leaving someone to have to break through the wall structure, not just the door to enter.

When the picking best locks, review your personal needs first, the area your home or bike will be in, whatever you can afford and think long term investment for as good a quality as your budget allows. As an example statistics in the United Kingdom are that 1,200 bikes a day or 444,000 a year are stolen. Consider the value of what you are locking up and what you should use if you have a faulty lock that won't secure your bike, your costs then maybe double or triple if it's your primary transportation to work, and the cost to replace it.

The worn-out styled key bike locks were known to be easily picked by a ballpoint pen, yet somehow that has changed a lot. The patterns have changed as well to remain on your bike so it's always there such the O-Lock, designed after car boots. The Cuff Lock allows you to attach your bike to a secure post. Chain Link Locks are resistant to chisels and hacksaws. So technological innovation has come a long way regarding the prevention of theft with well-made locks using sturdier material. Keep in mind that people also secure motor scooters, needing stronger material.

There are numerous bad, best and better Padlocks are portable that can be opened using a key or just number combination so they are mostly used for bikes or mobile items, rather than a residence door. One modern exception is real estate agents have discovered a way to padlock the doors of vacant homes that are for sale. Perspective home buyers are usually given the code if they are not accompanied by the agent. This removes the need for agents to carry around property keys or for drive to pick up/drop off keys to another agent.

Many padlocks are so inexpensively made and can be easily cut, damaged or cracked. Some sturdy padlocks are known by trademark and always by materiel it's made of. For instance Masters is well known, but there are other brands which are very effective. The kryptonite lock is incredibly small and made with Cryptonym steel, bolt cutter resistant and to other attempts. It is designed precisely for bikes with a u shape as well as a thick protective cover to avoid damage to bikes. It is not very cheap as it sells for around for $136.00, yet true value for your money.

Single cylinder lock is keyed on the outside only and thumb turned to lock form the inside. Double cylinder is keyed in/outside, however not necessarily better or safer. With respect to glass doors or glass that can be broken and is within 36 inches of the lock and then the moment the glass is ruined they can reach in and open up the door.

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