Photochromic Lenses - What Is The Cost For Photochromic Lenses?

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | 1:24 AM

By Daniel Turbin

In case you've ever gotten tired of continually having to switch between glasses and sunglasses whenever you go in and out of outdoor sunlight, photochromic lenses could be something to consider. Of course, you will discover photochromic lenses pros and cons, just as there are pros and cons relating to just about any subject which is possible to discuss. Being able to think analytically concerning the pros and cons of a certain product or option in life is one of the capabilities that is very helpful in order to be an excellent decision maker.

Just how does one start analyzing positives and negatives and deciding what the final decision should be, and whether the benefits out weigh the cons, or maybe vice versa? There are many possible ways to do so. If the decision is a difficult decision, you may even need to make yourself a written list to help out yourself think through all the problems more clearly. When you see both sides presented logically and written out, it might give you a better over-all picture than if you just have feelings and impressions floating in your head. Of course, in most cases, you won't actually write the pros and cons on a list, but it is still vital that you think through them, not only relating to the benefits, but also about the cons. If you just check out one side of a problem or question, you could be left with an overly rosy mental image.

For example, if you only look at the advantages of utilizing photochromic eyeglasses, and buy them based on these considerations alone, you may be dissatisfied when you really get them home and realize that there are disadvantages too-either ones you had been never told about, or ones that you never wished to look at, since you were so set in your own opinion of what you wanted to do.

Therefore what are the photochromic lenses cons and pros? Before you can answer this, it is essential to know what photochromic lenses in fact are-these lenses are specifically created to be transparent (clear glass) in normal lighting. However in bright sunshine, they become dark-tinted, just like sunglasses to shade the eyes and also protect from ultraviolet emission. Hence, the advantage of using this type of lenses in your glasses is that you don't have to change between sunglasses and glasses. For example, if you were working in the office throughout the day, and it is time to go home, when you go outside, you don't have to scrounge for your other pair of advised sunglasses so as to drive home. Your photochromic lenses will automatically take on the features of sunglasses. If you normally use clip-on sunglasses to snap onto your regular glasses, this surely makes it one step less of work.

If photochromic lenses make life simpler, who wouldn't wish for them? That is where it is essential to even mull over any drawbacks, or drawbacks that photochromic lenses bring with them. A primary negative factor is that these lenses, when changing normally from clear to tinted when exposed to direct sunshine, nevertheless do not change in a second, but rather in a somewhat more prolonged period of time, although not very long, perhaps a minute or two. However when you are waiting for your glasses to change, it can look like a long time. When you exit the building and walk to your car, it could be very easy, because by the time you reach the car, climb in, and start up the engine, they may probably have changed into being photochromic sunglasses instead of just regular glasses.

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