Top Periodicals For Those With A Home Recording Studio

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, February 20, 2012 | 1:17 AM

By Lance Bratten

Setting up a recording studio can be a complicated process, and chances are you probably need some help or advice to get going. There are many different magazines that offer tons of tips and advice. Subscribing to one or more might be a great way to improve your recording skills.

One popular choice is Sound on Sound Magazine, which is a monthly publication that is produced in England. This monthly features reviews of multiple types of products each month, as well as interviews with people who work in the industry, articles and editorials about recording in general and much more. You can opt to have copies mailed or choose the slightly less expensive online version of Sound on Sound.

Mix Magazine is another option, and you can opt for either digital or print versions or both. You'll find product reviews, information about educational opportunities and articles about every type of recording, from studio recording to recording live music and more.

If you are primarily recording music, consider a subscription to Recording Magazine. This monthly periodical contains product reviews, do-it-yourself guides, interviews and even critiques of reader's music. You also find many tips from the experts on a variety of subjects. The magazine's website also contains tons of helpful information absolutely free of charge, so that alone is worth a look.

Tape Op is another solid choice, and if you go for the third-class mail delivery of this bi-monthly publication, then this magazine is free. You'll find many in-depth interviews with tons of industry icons and professionals, as well as music reviews and product reviews.

Electronic Musician, which bills itself as the "definitive source for audio and home recording," is a great choice for those with their own studio. You will find articles on everything from improving your guitar skills to improving your mixing techniques. There are also product reviews, informative articles about marketing your music and more.

Another good resource for beginners is an equipment expert such as a staff member at Not only can you purchase equipment and software at AudioDawg, but the sales staff can answer a myriad of technical questions and can help you stay within your set budget.

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