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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Friday, June 1, 2012 | 11:53 PM

Are you trying to find some great vintage gifts? We know it can be hard to do. After all they tend to have a huge price tag on them. Why not try some of our gift suggestions? Each of these gifts were handpicked using a variety of different criteria. We only wanted to choose gifts that we thought would benefit your loved ones. On top of that we only chose gifts that got better with age. We all know that older people can be hard to shop for. Which is why we wrote this article. With these vintage gifts you'll have plenty of different options to choose from.

#5 Vintage Wine

Since, the actual definition of vintage only applies to wine. Even though people use it to describe the best of a generation we thought we would add this gift recommendation. The thing about vintage win is that it has a romantic element. Most people don't understand the beauty of aged win. One of the reasons that's romantic is because the wine tells a story. It tells a story of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. As a man picked those grapes by hand under the beating sun.

On top of that you can also taste the quality of that year. For example the harvest could have been malnourished making it taste different from the many other years. The only problem with this gift is that wine can cost you a lot of money. Especially if you buy an older year. Since vintage wine tends to just sit in a cellar for years at a time. It's actually irreplaceable. This is a gift recommendation for people who have extra money to spend.

#4 Vintage Furniture

Back in the day people had certain sets of skills. For example people would learn skills like blacksmithing, woodcarving, and mechanics just to name a few. Which is why you would notice that vintage furniture tends to have a quality about it that you just don't see anymore. Since most modern furniture is mass produced on an assembly line. What you get with vintage furniture is a mans hard work.

A man who worked long hours for small amounts of pay just to provide for his family. What he did was whittle away at a piece of wood trying to earn a living in this world. Which kind of adds a human element to this gift suggestion. Even though that man is probably long gone his work still lives on and it can live on in your living room. Just keep in mind that vintage furniture does have an older look to it. Modern men probably won't appreciate it as much as an older man would.

#3 Vintage Bicycles

The history of bicycles dates back a long time ago. The history of bikes includes the high wheel bicycle, the Michaux (Boneshaker), and many others. Over that time bicycles have seen many practical and impractical inventions. Some of the best bicycles come from the early 1900s. These are what we're going to refer to as early bicycles. During those times children had a tendency of spending all day outside playing. It's not like today where kids sit inside and play video games.

If the person you're shopping for came from those times he might appreciate this gift. I remember when I was a kid I was highly interested in bicycles. I remember my dad always telling me about a banana seat that helped kids balance there bicycles. Due to that balance the kids we're able to do a wheelie all the way down the street. I always remember thinking that was amazing. Even though the earlier bicycle models looked cool we would only recommend them for display. This gift is definitely not for riding.

#2 Vintage Candy

With all of the expensive gifts on this list we thought we would recommend a cheap one. Why not trying to buy some vintage candy? We're talking about candy you might remember eating as a kid. We're talking about when candy only cost a nickel. The good ol' days remember? Some of our candy suggestions include Bazooka, Cow Tails, and Mary Jane. The best part about this gift is that it combined with a variety of different other gifts.

If you're interested in buying some vintage candy then I would recommend doing a search for some of the candy you remember eating as a kid. One thing you need to remember is that some candy has been discontinued. Chances are you won't be able to find a lot of different candies. However when you do you'll be able to share a piece of your history with whoever your shopping for.

#1 Vintage Dolls

For our last gift recommendation we wanted to suggest another gift that won't cost you a fortune. We're not talking about Barbies. We're talking about hand crafted dolls where the author spent all night painting on the face. For some reason I enjoy looking at dolls from the 1950s. For some reason those dolls are just beautiful to me.

The reason being is that the dolls have a quality to them that you just don't see anymore. Now a days dolls are made using cost cutting approaches. For example the cheapest plastic and materials they could find. Back then creating a doll took an actual artist. After doing some research we were able to find dozens of vintage dolls. Each one has a variety of unique qualities that we thought you might like.

If you read this entire list and couldn't come up with a gift then why not try our website? If you're shopping for a man then you might be interested in one of our many gift suggestions. We wrote an article called Vintage Gifts for Men. In that article we make some great gift suggestions from men who are a bit older. If you want to read our article or find out more information then please pay us a visit at the following address:

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