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By Jerry Crismon

If you create a custom design, you can have it printed on a variety of items. For instance, it is popular to create a custom design that incorporates your monogram and have it printed on a tote, a pair of sandals, a coffee cup, and a mouse pad, and a variety of other items. Many people think that they need to hire a professional designer in order to obtain a high-quality custom design. However, this isn't actually the case.

If you have a willingness to exert some time and effort, it isn't too difficult to develop any sort of custom design by yourself. There are, though, certain things you have to think about as you create a custom design that will later be printed on numerous items. A selection of these issues are outlined in this article.

1. Think About Your Custom Graphic's Resolution

A digital graphic's resolution is simply the number of pixels that it has per square inch. The higher a graphic's resolution, the crisper and sharper it will be when it is printed. This is especially true when images are blown up. Therefore, if you plan to have your custom graphic printed on items of various sizes, such as t-shirts and keychains, it is best to create it as a high resolution file. Your custom design will be considered a high resolution graphic as long as it has 300 dots per inch.

2. Use Vibrant Colors

Sometimes, especially if you have never created a custom design before, it can be intimidating to utilize bright colors. Colors like this, though, including deep purples, rich reds, and brilliant blues, are gorgeous when they are printed! When you are creating your custom design, it is important for you not to shy away from using vibrant hues. If you aren't sure what color combinations work best together, search online. You can find numerous websites that showcase inspiring color combinations.

3. Look at Templates

Templates are a remarkably useful tool, especially for people who are custom design novices. When you decide to start searching for a template, you should already have a basic idea of how your custom design will appear when it is complete. This will help you find the best possible template for your project.

4. Learn About Various Sorts of Ink

Every print shop has the ability to use all types of ink. Every ink will make your custom design look slightly different after it has been printed. It is important to have a consultation with a print shop employee regarding the types of ink that will look best on each of the objects you plan to have printed.

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