Vintage RC Cars

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, June 4, 2012 | 3:23 AM

Vintage rc cars are hot property, ask any rc cars collector. The older the car the better it is.

Since the modest beginnings of modern day rc hobby till date, a lot has changed in terms of aesthetics and performance. Technology itself has evolved over this period of time and has been so for the betterment of the hobby and as per the wish of its aficionados.

Though the latest gadgets are in they have certainly not replaced the good old vintage rc cars. The nostalgia of wriggling around with a late 70s or early 80s radio controlled car is way too much to handle for some of the devoted enthusiasts who have been into this hobby for probably as long as the hobby has been around.

It's not the speed, as you find present day's RC cars capable of beating vintage RC cars hands down that enthral those vintage car fanatics. Neither it's the sleek technology and great new feature.

Then what is it that pulls hobbyists towards vintage rc cars?

Reliving the time...

Yes! It is the idea of reliving the time spent with those old cars that happen to excite most of the vintage rc cars lovers I have known so far.

Over the years I have found that your next prized vintage rc cars could be around your neighbourhood waiting in somebody's garage only to be taken out and shared with somebody like you who understands its value. More often than not you will come across your next rc crush via very unsuspecting incidents.

How do I search for vintage rc cars?

This is one question I have been asked numerous times. I thought it would be a good idea to give my readers an idea about places to search for vintage radio controlled cars. So here goes the list of places to search for your treasure.


Go to your city listings on craigslist and search for vintage rc cars listed for sale. Craigslist is a classifieds directory that is very popular among people who want to dispose off their old stuff which for them are no good than space occupying junk. At craigslist usually people list to part with their old belongings and that means you could end up paying a very low price for your next masterpiece.


EBay is another good place to look for old vintage rc cars. One caution though; while purchasing from eBay only bid on products sold by reputed sellers. You may easily identify a trust worthy seller from his feedback score. Always buy from somebody who has got a feedback score of more than hundred. Also identify the working condition of the vintage rc cars you are about to buy. It involves a little bit of work while working with eBay but then it's all worth the result.

Local Hobby Shop

This is a good place to look for vintage rc cars. Go to your local hobby shop, befriend the owner and talk about his affair with this hobby and he might just land up showing or better still selling his years old vintage car to you.

Vintage rc cars are a collector's delight, and if you feel you have it in you what takes to be a good vintage radio controlled cars collector then you certainly have achieved some heights in the field of rc hobby.

Vintage RC Cars are treasures to be preserved for admirers. Fo more information you may have a look at

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