Your Next Fishing Boat Should Be A Scout

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, May 3, 2012 | 12:50 AM

By Jack Calahan

For 20 years Scout Boats has been designing beautiful, durable, and cutting edge fishing boats. Thus, they have earned a fantastic reputation for being ahead of other boat builders in the fishing category. Even today they are busy crafting fishing boats that have no rival in the water.

One major innovation that Scout introduced with its fishingboats was the reverse-shoebox hull/deck design - increasing overall strength of the hull and making it safer at the same time. Another great innovation that Scout helped pioneer was the eradication of all wood in fishing boat construction. Wood rots, It's as simple as that, so, from the very beginning, Scout fishing boats have been made with composite stringers and transoms.

When you want to increase static floatation, reduce time to plane, improve the handling and save on fuel costs, what do you do? You innovate. You create an "air assist hull". That's what Scout has done with all of its boats. And when you're out on the water, you'll notice the difference.

Scout is continually developing new and innovative construction methods for its fishing boats such as the "Scout Strata-Mount" system, an innovative feature that allows the natural stresses of the engines to be spread out over the entire hull - Increasing strength, durability, and performance. Please consider a Scout for your next fishing boat!

So, if you're looking for exceptional fishing boats, look no further than Scout Fishing boats. They are the most innovative sport fishing boats on the market. Whether it be a sport fishing boat, bay boat, coastal fishing boat, you name it Scout makes the best of them. They have been building them for over 20 years and continue to put out the best fishing boats in the world. These are beautiful, dependable, and durable crafts that are capable of taking you wherever you need to get on the water. Make a Scout your next fishing boat!

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