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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 | 12:52 AM

By Sam Crug

Baby toys aren't just fun, they're educational for little ones too. Infant toys improve fine motor skills, develop babies' senses, enhance babies' physical abilities and even improve reasoning. Though baby toys seem uncomplicated, the benefits of these simple playthings are extensive. They teach little ones about their abilities, their bodies, and their surroundings.

Though baby toys are clearly beneficial for little ones, they are meant to be played with at very specific stages and ages. The baby toys below are great stimulating and educational playthings. Remember, however, when choosing a toy for your baby, it is always safest to follow the manufacturer's age guidelines.

Good baby toys are interesting to babies and stimulate their five senses. The following suggestions explain which toys are best for your baby and why they are beneficial. Make play time educational with these awesome baby toys.

Toys that stimulate your baby's senses are great for babies. Visually stimulating toys have bright colors or high contrast colors. These stimulate baby's sense of sight. Different textures on baby toys like components that are plush, slick, tough, or fluffy all stimulate your baby's sense of touch. To tap into your infant's sense of hearing, choose toys that have a musical or noise-making component. Even just playing a CD for your baby has great benefits and can inform your baby's mood either waking them up or relaxing them.

Toys that babies hold in their hands like rattles have multiple benefits for your baby. If the toy has some causal action like a rattle noise, a light, or some other surprising function it will teach baby cause and effect. The baby will learn that when they shake the toy, something happens. Cause, effect. Manipulating a toy with their hands also helps a baby to improve their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Physical toys teach babies about their own bodies. Toys that necessitate your baby move in a new way teach them how their own body works. Toys like push carts or pull toys all require babies to move their bodies and their toys in a new way.

Push or Pull Toys are an example of a physical toy. These both enhance coordination. As babies start to become more mobile, push or pull toys enhance coordination and allow children to create movement. If the toy has some reaction like noise or lights, it will have the added benefit of enforcing cause and effect.

Blocks are a super-toy. For babies, blocks teach cause and effect, improve fine motor skills, and enhance social skills. Choose colorful or textured blocks for added visual and tactile stimulation. Sorting and stacking toys require kids to use reason to complete a task. Any toy that requires kids to figure something out will develop their logic and reasoning skills. The physical task of sorting or stacking also enhances hand eye coordination.

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