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By Chris Miller

There are numerous organic flea control solutions a pet owner can easily use when managing these gross, blood-sucking parasites. Animals are the perfect spot for a flea to live and reproduce, which is why puppies and cats can easily become flea infested. Most grownup fleas will typically reside in carpeting or furniture, and will fling themselves onto your pet once they feel that they are ready to reproduce. This is the time when it comes to be important for you to start making use of your organic flea control techniques to remove the flea infestation.


A technique that has proven effective in organically grown flea control is the usage of flea combs. These combs have extremely tiny, thoroughly set teeth. The function of this is to permit them to be able to pick up fleas and flea eggs out of your animal's fur. The eggs and fleas turn into caught in the teeth, permitting you to get rid of them without the use of chemicals. When doing this you should make sure that you comb out every part of your puppy's body because missing a spot will permit the flea population to quickly grow back on your animal.

The next technique you should utilize, whether you combed your pet or not, is a flea bath. A flea bath's primary purpose is to drown the fleas and eggs that lay on your pet. You are able to increase the effectiveness by using all-natural soap in your animal's course, rather then merely using water. While water is effective in itself, the soap adds an additional layer of eradication. A flea bath is drastically suggested for pets with long hair because they are commonly harder to comb effectively.

Your dog really should now be flea-free, without the requirement of ever utilizing detrimental chemicals. These are the safest, most efficient techniques to use. While they need a bit more work then chemicals, they guarantee that there will definitely be no damaging after consequences on your pet.

Helping Fight the Return of Fleas

One of the best methods to help fight the return of fleas is to make use of grub-away nematodes. This can help regulate the flea population in your lawn, which is the leading spot your pet is getting its fleas from. To utilize it, you just have to apply the spray to locations of your lawn that your animal wants to play in. This will allow the nematodes to do the rest of the work.

A method that does not work with every puppy but will definitely work with many, due to the flavor, is the addition of garlic to their diet. By adding a tad of garlic to their daily dinners, it helps to keep fleas off of your dog. Additionally, the addition of sulfur to your dog's diet, approximately once or twice a week, has proven successful at keeping fleas off of animals.


By following these methods, you can not simply remove the current fleas on your pet, however keep them from returning. These are the most effective organically grown flea control solutions out there, and when utilized successfully, consistently work.

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