Algae Eating Fish - They Are Perfect for Every Aquarium

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, May 28, 2012 | 1:05 AM

By Ian Wynn

Algae eating fish are lower level dwelling fish that feed on a big and distinctive grouping simple creatures in biological terms. These marine plants titled by the typical name of algae include the likes of giant kelp and commonly known seaweeds. Algae eaters are important for the fish keeping hobby enthusiasts who gather and look after these fish in aquariums.

All of these elegant to maintain and look at fish are a great addition in your water aquarium as they can do a large amount of job for you as far as the algae growth is concerned. These algae eaters are simply like any other fish that you place in your tank - you will need to maintain them and add them to the aquarium with other well-suited fish class. While they will help you in your care taking pursuits in your aquarium, they won't entirely dispose of the need to clean the aquarium.

Including various kinds of algae eating fish in your aquarium will better your time and effort in cutting down on the level of algae in your fish tank. Including alternative sea life similar to snails, shrimp alongside algae eating fish will boost your victory in fighting algae in your aquarium. Make sure that you choose the good balance in terms of nourishing these fish with commercially ready fish food - keeping algae eaters eager enough which means they will scavenge the algae within your aquarium while remaining strong as well is the right way to go.

Chinese algae eater is a freshwater fish and it is best kept in the aquarium which are ideally 150 (60 inch) cm in size just because that this fish can grow large and have a disposition to be very active in the aquarium. They like to eat algae in the course of their young age and have an inclination to develop a taste for other aquarium food and small fish as they mature. They are native to south-east Asia.

American flag fish is native to Florida whose entire body has the look of American flag, hence the name. Their favored food is hair algae and likewise eats algae in planted aquariums. This unique fish is part of the killifish variety numbering 1270 diverse families of fish. Killifish grows anywhere from around 5 cm (2 inch) and then upwards to 15 cm or 6 inches.

Some freshwater shrimp just like Amano Shrimp are well known for its capability to clean aquariums by eating algae. This shrimp type can be found in Japan, Taiwan and also Korea. This algae eating fish shrimp additionally feeds on dead plants and leftover foods and achieve around 5 cm or 2 inch in dimensions. This tends to make them ideal for more compact aquariums and ideally in groups of 3 and higher. Shrimp are incredibly sensitive to harmful substances just like chlorine and also copper mineral that's included in all fertilizers employed in in planted tanks. Because of this, you must do a weekly 40 percent water swap.

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