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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Saturday, May 26, 2012 | 1:41 AM

By Flora Vinson

While travelling abroad, whether to work or find a new life, it is comforting when you can hear your own language spoken. Watching shows from your home country is a good way to feel reconnected with one homeland. There are a number of free to watch Arabic channels online for those Arabs who find themselves living in other countries.

TV companies all across the Middle East are no providing their programming online as well as local satellites. Other companies are also taking the satellite broadcast and then streaming it via their own internet site. An online search for Arab language stations is the easiest way to find a list or providers.

Television stations from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and Tunisia all have programming that can be found on the internet. They broadcast sports, dramas, documentaries and news. Almost all have a religious channel which will carry the five prayers observed daily and discussion on the nature of Islam and discussions about the Koran.

Many of the programs can also be found in English or with English subtitles. Programs broadcast from the Emirates are often in English and include talk shows, documentaries and local news about the region. These give a great insight into Emirati life for anyone wishing to study the area for business or if they are considering a holiday there.

News programs in English are well respected for their neutral coverage and broadcast in English as well as Arabic. With turmoil in the region a different perspective on events can be very helpful. They also provide reports from all the major news events worldwide.

Many Middle Eastern countries consider soccer their national sport and it is vigorously supported. The many fans across the world can now easily follow the progress of their local club via live streaming. The arabic channels online also show horse and motor racing amongst a range of other sporting events.

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