Some very attractive lingerie that is designed for that special day when you get married

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By Britt Murphy

The wedding dress may be the major fashion star on your big day, but there's seldom a better and more appropriate time to wear hot lingerie. Most women are busy and have no time to wear sexy lingerie all the time, so this special day is a good opportunity to try it on for size for once. Your new spouse will appreciate it! Imagine his eyes when you shed your lovely wedding gown and are wearing seductive white lingerie underneath it. Since you spend a lot of time on your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding theme, you should also wear some special bridal lingerie. Superior shaping, support and comfort over a lot of regular hot lingerie is important on a long wedding day which is the good thing about bridal lingerie.

Perfect match to wedding dresses and it will make feel and look sexy. It is important that your lingerie be able to match your wedding dress as much as possible, that the color not stands out or that it doesn't bulge under the dress. Strapless bridal hot lingerie is central as wedding gowns without straps are the ultimate tendency. Be sure to select the correct bra for your strapless or off-the-shoulder wedding gown. Strapless bars are a good option with little visibility. However, they can suffer from lack of support, especially for larger busted bridges.

Ergo, you could always consider a bustier, which is a strapless little number that has built in cups that help offer support while still offering up cleavage. It provides coverage for midriff, and provides a slim look that brides enjoy. This is a difficult dress to select a bra for A sticky bra or an adhesive is what you will really need. Nu-bra is beneficial to brides with smaller to medium busts (A-C); it is a stick on silicon cup that offers totally invisible support.

If you wear a D-Cup or larger, you may come out of this kind of bra. Your best bet is a strapless bra that latches at your waist. Of course, in this instance comfort is the most important consideration. If a thong isn't something you usually have on, then you won't be comfortable if you wear one today! Fortunately there is a variety of sexy lingerie, particularly underwear, which is invisible as well as comfortable. There are undergarments used for rearranging areas of the body, such as Spanx, which can create a VPL-free silhouette, but may not give exactly the look you are going for.

It is a custom to have a garter on, so why don't you put on tights with your garters? Naturally, the color white is suitable, as is all of the lingerie worn on the day of a person's wedding ceremony. Just a few pointers on your wedding lingerie selection, always be sure that your garter doesn't bulge beneath your dress and that your tights aren't too constricting-otherwise, you will be in for a long, long day.

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