Shield The Cooling System Of Your Vehicle Through AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, April 2, 2012 | 12:44 AM

By Andrew R. Ford

One vital element of protecting your vehicles is keeping the cooling system functioning at its highest levels. Whenever the engine is switched on, no matter if you are moving or sitting in the driveway waiting for someone, your car is producing heat. We have a built-in cooling system with the purpose of managing this heat, because overheating is not good for your engine. Part of this system is the radiator, which regularly needs to be clean and filled with antifreeze and coolant. AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant could well be one of the best you can purchase today.

Even though there are many antifreeze and coolants available, many don't have the benefits that AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant has. In incredibly hot conditions when driving your car, the system has the maximum protection in an antifreeze and cooling product. Quite a few coolants are developed with the highly harmful ethylene glycol. On the other hand, AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant features biodegradable propylene glycol, which is not merely less toxic but does not require special handling when disposing. For people with children or pets, using this product seems logical instead of the traditional coolant.

On the list of other features is being longer lasting. The poly-organic technology removes the necessity for cooling additives being supplemented, or needing a recharging system of cooling. It gives you extended services for all motor vehicles, either gasoline or diesel, and can be used in passenger cars, vans, light-duty trucks, and RVs for up to seven years or 250,000 miles. AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant will work well with diesel trucks, lasting approximately 750,000 miles and can be used on motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. As you are able to see, standard products are not any match for AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant.

AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant will work together with other products that are usually based on propylene or ethylene like Sierra, Zerex and DEX-Cool. AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant is additionally compatible with a lot of organic acid technology similar to hybrid organic acid technology and fully formulated diesel antifreeze. This unique product will even seal hairline cracks since it sticks to metal. It helps reduce metallic oxidation and even plates metal well enough that it is protected from acids and salt spray.

AMSOIL Antifreeze & Engine Coolant is engineered for tough usage, in addition to automotive applications. You should also use AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles not to mention a number of marine vehicles. It will last a long time and does not need regular drain intervals. When it comes to Class 8 vehicles it will last up to seven years or 750,000 miles. For regular vehicles, it is also seven years nevertheless up to 250,000 miles. This may be used with all categories of cars and is silicate-free and phosphate-free. Also, it is very safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and can certainly be used for aluminum engine blocks. It is eco-friendly along with being a good vehicle product for the green living movement.

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