How To Prevent And Eliminate Wrinkles On A Tie

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, April 12, 2012 | 1:08 AM

By George Campbell

It is simpler to prevent wrinkles from occurring on a tie than to remove them. You can follow these simple tips and always have wrinkle-free ties.

Roll up the tie loosely while storing it. Do not hang the tie for long moments as this tends to cause a permanent wrinkle in it. To roll a tie, begin by holding the narrow end and afterward winding up the rest of the tie, with the large end on the outside. Lay the roll on a flat surface on the coiled side. This will ease out the wrinkles in some hours, leaving your tie fresh for use again.

Always untangle the tie knot before storing it. If the tie is stored knotted, permanent wrinkles might form. To untie the knot, follow the steps of knot tying in reverse order. Hurriedly untying the knot may mean pulling hard at the tie which can lead to wrinkles.

The tie knot have to have the proper amount of tightness. Too tight a knot can lead to wrinkles.

Hanging for several hours will remove the wrinkles that form due to using.

You can even roll out a tie in a clean towel and leave it rolled for a day or two. This removes most wrinkles from the tie. After unrolling the tie (from the towel) hang it for a few hours. This combination of rolling and hanging works enjoy a charm with most wrinkles.

You can too lightly iron the tie (without steam) at low temperatures. Hot ironing is not good for ties as it weakens the leather. Use the appropriate fabric setting for the tie whilst ironing.

To prevent wrinkles from forming during traveling, loosely roll up the tie and make sure there's enough space in the baggage for the roll, other clothes should not squeeze the roll. If you travel a lot, you should keep in mind investing in a tie case.

For cleaning give the tie to the dry cleaners instead of machine or hand washing the ties. These kinds of washings may put permanent wrinkles on your tie.

Keep a few days area between wearing identical tie. This allows the tie to return to it is wrinkle-free state.

You can also steam out the wrinkles by hanging the tie in the bathroom during a hot shower, or by holding it than a kettle with steam. You must not allow water to touch the tie though. To dry the tie, roll it up in a clean towel and leave for one day. You will have got a wrinkle free tie the next day.

A wrinkled tie never gives out a professional image. Invest in a tie manager as a storage device and maintain your ties in its wrinkle free environment.

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