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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, April 26, 2012 | 12:55 AM

By Jereld T Smythe

Our dining establishment had been robbed many times previously. The perpetrators would come in using the front door, strike, and exit out the backdoor. In spite of our security system, the video cameras just weren't facing the proper way.

As a result, their faces were not visible. To get around this, we decided to install a security camera over the back door but did not want it to be obvious. I talked to a nearby CCTV dealer and he showed me several restaurant hidden security cameras to pick from.

Surveillance cameras are gadgets utilized to privately keep an eye on an area for activity. These are used by storeowners to catch bad guys in the act and, to do so, are made to appear like ordinary home and office things. This way, no person is going to suspect being spied on.

I purchased an exit sign hidden camera with built-in DVR. Considering that the DVR was integrated, no special installation was required. It could record footage straight out of the box.

To be able to see the video footage, you have 2 choices. The first would be to take out the built-in SD card and put it into a card reader for download. Secondly, you can make use of the included RCA cable to hook it up to a TV to view the footage.

This exit sign hidden camera came with a few other features which we found useful in the course of our work. One was motion-activated recording, which causes the camera to begin recording once it discovers motion within its range.

One more feature was motion detection area masking. Since we had a restroom near our backdoor, we didn't want activity here to set off the motion sensor. Thus, we utilized this feature to prevent motion in that area from switching on the camera.

Our exit sign hidden camera turned out to be a wise investment when it helped us to apprehend a criminal and recover our goods. We invested then in more restaurant hidden security cameras, and are pleased with each of our purchases.

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