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By Anthony Robinson

Shift dresses were actually born of the 'undershirt' or also known as a chemise. The exposing of the inner layers of clothing allowed the development of the shift dress, introduced by the French who pulled out the inner garments and used them as the outer. The Shift dress has been popular throughout the decades, but had a few periods of highlights. If you go for the classic black shift dress, then take a look at the 5 different ways in which you can wear it for more than one occasion.

For ultimate winter style, try wearing your black shift dress with thick black tights and knee high boots. Since then the classic design has not left the stage.

The shift dress is still associated with timeless style and sophistication, and is often worn by First Lady Michelle Obama. A shift dress is a short, usually sleeveless dress. Today, the dress is hugely popular with current style icons, from Jennifer Aniston to Sarah Jessica Parker, everyone seems to be loving them.

The versatility of the shift dress is key to its popularity. Go for different coloured sandals from the dress as this will help to create a colour burst in your outfit.

The simple styling of the shift dress makes it a versatile piece, lending itself to a variety of fabrics and accessories.

Shift dresses are usually a boon for all you ladies, who aren't comfortable to flaunt their figures. Wearing a short scarf tied around the neck will give you the 50s feel. The fact that they are not form-fitting and that the waist is not emphasised, they allow women to move around freely without constraints.

The simplistic lines of the dress allow for it to be produced in many materials, colours and prints. Most barely reach your lower thighs.

If you want to wear your shift dress in the daytime, but feel that it's a little dressy, try and dress it down by wearing ballerina style flat shoes with a pretty coloured cardigan. For Who?

Don't over do the jewellery; a simple necklace which sits in the neckline will be perfect for the daytime, casual look. Besides that, it is perfectly flattering for any body type. It's worn alone.

Again, simple accessories would complete the look, or go for a long string of pearls to really stand out against the black fabrics.

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