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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, April 12, 2012 | 1:21 AM

By Wade Millard

Relaxing on your deck in the cool summer breeze is one of the most delightful luxuries of life. Your outside living space is a superb area to gather and entertain guest and family. The sounds of nature and the warm sun make it your own paradise.

If you don't currently have a deck, they can be very DIY friendly to build, and with a bit of hard work you can be organizing the Adirondack chairs in only one or two weekends. Before jumping into the deck building arena it is very important to select what decking materials you may use.

Three Types of Decking Material

1. Treated wood is one choice to consider if you are under a small budget. Lumber that is treated is resistant to moisture and with correct care will last for a fair period of time. The drawback of treated wood is that it needs a great deal of pricey sealants and hours of upkeep. Chipping and warping wood is a continuous problem even if all the correct maintenance has been done.

2. Composite and vinyl decking materials are another choice and can offer a low upkeep deck surface that is Ecologically friendly and lasts longer than wood. Composite decks are a step up from standard wood decks , however , they do carry a few downsides. Weather frequently causes composite decking material to fade and loose its colourful natural colour in just one or two years.

Numerous marks on composite decks can often occur due to scrapes from sharp items. If this occurs your choices are to either replace the boards or simply live with the blemish.

3. In my viewpoint, the best material to use on a deck surface, hands down, is natural stone. This byproduct of nature is not only sturdy but also quite attractive. Stone can be maintained with a brush, does not chip or burn, and any fading that may happen only makes it more alluring.

If you're thinking how to construct a stone deck, the solution is amazingly simple. installing an underlayment decking material such as Silca Grate over your beams can offer all of the support stone needs and can even be utilized for materials such as brick or masonry pavers if you like. This stone deck decking material comes in simple to handle squares that cover all or any bit of your deck.

The 3 decking materials mentioned above all have their benefits and drawbacks. But without question, I'd easily say that stone has to be the most suitable option of all.

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