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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, March 5, 2012 | 1:09 AM

By Julia Murtba

Photographer Julia Murtha founded her photo business in 2006 but fell in love with photography long before that. She has lived in and around the Morristown area for over Twenty-Five years and during that time usually had a camera in her hands. Her Morristown Photographer business has expanded to the greater Morris county area and other parts of New Jersey. Julia's vast experience is what allows her to deliver such great images.

Julia began her career as a Morristown Photographer in the nature category but is interested in all aspects. Now clients will request specific settings in nature and certain scenery that Julia know how to find. Julia has done a lot of commercial projects supplying local offices with landscape and nature scenes to improve there ambiance. Sometimes she is able to combine these special landscape spots with portrait needs and the results are always fantastic.

Working with newborns can be challenging but also creates extremely rewarding shots. Through experience Julia Murtha Photography has had tremendous success working with newborn shoots. And, with a portable studio, sessions can be booked from the comfort of your own home where you and your baby are most comfortable and natural. If you're expecting or had a recent addition to your family call to reserve an appointment and remember those precious moments forever.

Child, kid, baby, and family portraits are Julia's specialty. Our Morristown Photographers capture these precious moments and they will be yours to cherish for your whole life. There are so many great locations in Morristown for shoots such as these. An example would be the Frelinghuysen Arboretum but there are so many great parks around the area. If you book a shoot, you will have images for your walls, albums, holiday cards, and electronically for your website.

Julia also enjoys shooting many different events including but not limited to, birthday parties, baptisms, bat mitzvah parties, sweet sixteens, sporting, anniversaries and more. She has shot so many of these events that it is guaranteed she will deliver great images to you each and every time. Are you planning a special event soon? If so, get in touch with Julia today and set up a time to get a free quote and look at some of her work. Please visit her website to learn more.

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