Choosing Drywall Can Save You Money On Your Home Remodel

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 | 1:29 AM

By Charles Wallace

Need to save on home remodeling? You're hardly alone there. Transforming costs can easily mount and in the current day's economy that can be a real difficulty for the majority. Luckily , there are some steps you can take to help keep expenses down, among them selecting drywall for the basis of your room.

Drywall prices are usually reasonable, and dependent on the size of your project, you may be able to reduce costs farther by purchasing wholesale. Since it is such a common building material, it is simple to find drywall at a reasonable price if you shop sensibly. Cutting down on supply costs can be particularly helpful when you consider that the price of work will often take up the biggest proportion of your position.

Because of this, many people decide to save on home remodeling by doing it themselves. Again, using drywall can be to your benefit here as it is just about standardised to fit the average space between studs. That means you can buy instant, pre-sized sheets, making drywall installation prices low and the method of installation a snap. Whether you do it yourself or engage the services of a contractor, labor costs are greatly reduced by using drywall.

The entire idea behind the advent of drywall was to create an easier and less labor-intensive alternative choice to plaster and lathing. With a layer of chicken wire and then a few layers of plaster and lathing applied on top of it, the old strategy of construction could take a substantial period of time. Not only are drywall prices lower, the entire process is so much simpler.

Once the usage of drywall caught on, there wasn't any looking backwards. Now, most buildings are made for drywall use, with the studs placed precisely to handle pre-cut sheets. Not only does this help to save on home remodeling costs, it also saves time, cutting the process down dramatically. Whether you are adding on a room or expanding an existing one, your project will go much more smoothly with drywall.

Drywall prices aren't the only consideration to take into account. Drywall is also far more solid and stable than plaster. It is designed to bear vibrations and the shifting common to most buildings. Anyone that has ever lived in an older home knows that even the smallest vibration can leave a large crack in plaster walls. Not so with drywall, the only breaks you must see are at the seams, and even then only if the drywall sheets were poorly installed.

So when talking of helping you save on home remodeling, nothing compares to drywall. With standard pricing industry wide, you can usually get what you need at a fair cost. Plus, the simplicity of installation helps to cut back on labor expenses significantly. It all adds up to the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient way to go for any DIY project.

Prior to starting your next home remodeling project, do not forget to take all the potential costs into account. All good plans start from the interior out, and for any sort of building that implies relying on safe, affordable, simple to install drywall. It is the DIY remodeler's best buddy!

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