Effective Method Of Safeguarding Your Family Members From Bad Guys

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Sunday, April 29, 2012 | 1:02 AM

By Tamas K Thumb

Being the man of the house, I understand that it is my duty to help keep my family safe. Whether at home or on a trip, I wish to be able to protect them, and this was especially so after I learned that a burglar had broken into the household next door to us.

I realize that there are several things which are out of my control, but I could get ready for them at least. I have thought for likely answers to keep my household far from harm. In case possessing a self-defense weapon can resolve this type of problem, then where can I find a Taser to protect my family throughout dangerous situations?

While surfing around the internet, I found a Taser C2. It can be utilized as much as 15 feet away, enabling you to remain safeguarded from a secure range. It features laser sight for much better targeting when it's dark.

Tasers offer the advantage of both long-distance as well as close-range defense. You can make use of the 2 probes attached to 15-foot wires for far ranges whereas, for closer distances, the probes function much like those of a contact stun gun when the wires are not in use.

A Taser X26C is software-upgradeable and lightweight. It utilizes a digital power magazine that not just energizes the weapon itself but also keeps track of energy use and computes the magazine's life expectancy.

These personal defense tools use electro-muscular disruption technology that could incapacitate any person regardless of their tolerance for pain. That's combined with regular stun gun technology to assure that no long term damage is brought on.

There is also a Taser M26C, that is patterned after Taser's police model, the Advanced Taser M26. It utilizes the same technology as the law enforcement models, providing the capability to take an assailant utilizing maximum police-level power down.

To feel safer about defending them at home and on the streets, where can I find a Taser to protect my loved ones? What with kids in the house, knowing that all Tasers are non-lethal weapons is comforting. This means that any kind of effects are only short term.

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