Saltwater sandals & A Daily outfit too!

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 | 8:38 AM

hey kittens...i am so excited to share one favorite goodie of mine & i'll throw in a daily outfit too...
so this is my daily outfit...a yummy pink and blue rose 1950's sundress...metal zipper back and the sweetest pockets...i wore a 1950's blue flowered necklace & bracelet that i bought in Viva last year & my sweet lil' girl white sandals...

a close up of the print of the dress and my necklace...the bunch of flowers at the bottom is actually the clasp...

sweet sweet pockets...and bracelet...this set came with a matching sweater clip as well...a great set to find! I snatched it up so darn fast!

so now...the Sandals...oh i love these!

these sandals are one of my favorite finds evah! Aren't they sweet...I found these when my oldest was only 1 year hoo 17 years ago.i have had my girls wear these lil' adorable sandals their whole lives and i swear by them!

They are Saltwater sandals a 60+ year sandal by the HOY company...a company that has been making these adorable sandals since 1940! A true vintage sandal that you can have today!
As you know During World War II there was a leather shortage! And one wonderful man who worked for the military making boots...decided to use the ol' scraps from the soldiers boots to make kids sandals. And the Salt water sandal was born & has been made the same ever since! They fit any foot..wide and narrow...just pull the leather with your thumbs and wallah...they fit just right!

Salt water sandals are a strong leather,rust resistant buckles,& made to be worn in the water! yep in the water!

they are so amazingly durable for kids...and the vintage history are the purrrrrfect addition to a lot of my vintage red pair are my favorite!

i get so many compliments on them with my vintage dresses and they are so comfy! They come in lots of colors...and look great with cuffed jeans & sweaters! I usually love them in summer for flea markets and totally wear them when i ride my pink bike...

so this is the pair my eyes are on...soft pink & very sweet! Now i gotta find a new dress...of coarse! :) hope you like these adorable sandals...thanks for swingin' by kittens have a rocken' week! Cat~


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