How to Get Free Automobile Repairs From Your Cars Company

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 | 1:54 AM

By Virgie Welch

If you have an expired warranty and need auto repair there is a way that could still get your costs covered without a warranty. Let's face it, no one wants to pay for a repair that they could have not had to pay for when their car was under warranty. You should never assume that just because your warranty has ended that it's not possible to get repairs on your car for no cost. If you can go about it the right way, you may just get lucky.

These days in the competitive market of buying and selling cars many automakers offer dealerships an allotted amount of money for goodwill gestures for loyal customers. This means the dealership is allowed to offer people, who they deem to be worthy, free auto repairs if they have budget leftover. Automaker companies do this to increase loyalty in their customers and to keep them coming back. General Motors has recently increased their funding for these generous gestures in hopes to gain the general public's trust.

It really doesn't matter what the cost of the auto repair is, whether it's extremely expensive or as simple as replacing a part. Dealerships may be more likely to give you a free repair if it's less expensive, but by no means should you give up on it if you have an expensive repair and your warranty has expired. Aside from being a loyal customer to the dealership and automaker, it generally helps if your warranty has recently expired and it hasn't been gone for years. It will also help if the repair you need would have been covered on your previous warranty. Even if you don't meet those options, there is still a chance they could award you a free auto repair.

It doesn't hurt to politely ask the dealership if they have any regular customer discounts. Of course it's completely up to the dealership whether they want to award it to you, but typically they don't give it out to everyone and most certainly aren't going to give it to anyone who doesn't ask. So giving small hints to being a loyal customer could easily encourage them appoint some of the automakers allowance to your car for auto repair.

The dealerships are absolutely not going to volunteer to give you a free auto repair. While being polite and friendly it doesn't hurt to bring up that you are a loyal customer and ask if there are any discounts available. This may spark their memory and nudge them just enough to give it to you. If not, you can ask to speak with the service manager and kindly explain your situation to them. So next time you need a repair on one of your autos and don't have a warranty, remember this tip and you may just get lucky.

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