What You Ought To Know About Shared Child Custody

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Saturday, May 12, 2012 | 1:17 AM

By Alex Blaken

A lot has been written in the last century about child custody, since the first laws intending to secure the financial support of kids were drafted. The law has been revised a great many times in the following years, and is totally different in all of the states . Parents are always struggling with several elements of it that seem to be unjust and for many the laws are controversial.

Theoretically at least, the difficulties of child custody and support are completely different, as it can be decided that a mother or father with little if any monetary resources is the most suitable to have permanent child custody. Financial support is required of the other parent. Visitation rights or custody rights often have absolutely nothing to do with support. The courts won't ever take any interest in the monetary support of a child which is still residing in the matrimonial home with both parents, but once this case changes there's a powerful chance of mediation. The courts then may enter the picture, decide who gets custody and what the other parent's visitation legal rights and other duties are.

Paternity plays a role in child custody and support as well. The courts can intercede in this matter. You will find many cases exactly where the father of a kid has to be decided by DNA testing, which only has fairly recently become admissible as proof in courts. But not everyone believes that DNA testing is infallible. Even more controversial would be the fact some men have been forced to pay child support even after it's been proven that they aren't the biological father of the child.

After the essential choices about child custody have been made by the courts, there is then a matter of visitation rights. It's common for children to spend some time with the parent who doesn't have custody, even to the extent of some days living in a different home. And when one parent has 100 % custody the courts still strongly encourage contact with the other parent on a consistent basis. The lengths and times of visits are often laid down inflexibly, though there is always the potential of getting the order redetermined.

After the issues of visitation and custody are decided, there's the need to make sure that the son or daughter is supported financially. Paternity become questionable at this stage and many men are chucked in prison for failing to pay child support. Part of the problem is due to the reality that state governments get a subsidy from the Federal Government for every dollar in upkeep that they collect, which inspires rapacious and unfounded verdicts.

There has been a good deal of controversy about child custody lately, as the system is plainly failing and more and more preposterous and life-destroying decisions are being reached. It is inescapable that there are quite a few lobbying for change, and numerous of the greatest proponents of the male cause are actually women. Numerous females believe it is the women's lone responsibility to raise the little one as she might have chosen not to give birth. This argument has even presented in court cases, with the inevitable result that it was defeated because it is not on any statute books.

The law is now even more frightening to divorced men, quite a few of whom had the ability to avoid intolerably harsh judgments by crossing international borders. Kidnapping by dads has long been a result of these judgments too. This is becoming almost out of the question, as there are international treaties in place to ensure a judgment in one jurisdiction can be enforced in another. Any dad who takes their son or daughter over a border may very well be arrested and the kid returned to the mother.

In the event you are involved with any type of proceedings such as this you will have to know the law and you will probably need legal services. If you know the individual circumstances in your state you'll at least be able to avoid making an elementary mistake which will jeopardize what you wish to happen. A well represented case may not win you custody but you may find your legal rights are better represented and the outcome is much better. Find a specialist lawyer that knows about child custody.

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