Important Reasons To Own The GoPro LCD Bacpac

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 | 1:07 AM

By Alex Smith

Portability is becoming more and more important in modern life. The GoPro LCD Bacpac is all about portability. While portable is an important word so is reliability. So in essence this device is a balancing act of sorts. A balancing act that it does so well.

In order for an screen to be useful is its size, which really becomes an important consideration when using a portable camera. Having an easy to carry camera is only useful if correctly take the right pictures. In order to do this a screen will need to allow you to see what your taking pictures of.

Size is one of the most important features of this detachable screen. Obviously no one wants a bag that is crammed with camera equipment and gear, your not a film crew after all. Instead you often will pack only what you need. The portable size of the screen means you aren't sacrificing valuable space.

There is one other key feature to its size or lack there of. The ability to save on the all important battery charge. Sure being detachable is a great benefit and comes in handy. The true advantage of this smaller unit comes in its need for less power allowing you to have a longer lasting battery.

These portable cameras are all about being rugged and being used in situations that other cameras just would not work. You will see these kinds of cameras placed on a helmet or on a bike while riding. Cameras do have settings that you may need to change on occasion. This portable screen can be attached quickly so you can set the camera up correctly when you need to.

Taking great shots is the end result of being able to see what your taking a picture of in the first place. Often these cameras can be knocked around and they will no longer be taking a picture of what you intended. A portable screen will allow you the ability to reframe shots.

The GoPro LCD Bacpac will be the perfect addition to your portable camera. Allowing you to use it only when you need to attaching it and detaching it as you require. More important now you can easily navigate menus and reframe your shot on the fly without the need to spend a lot of time hooking up a bigger screen.

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