A Checklist To Prepare You For Committing To Homeschooling A Child

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, May 21, 2012 | 1:36 AM

By Hick Long

As you may know, there are many differences between traditional schooling and homeschooling. Instead of looking at these differences, many parents ignore them, and jump right into homeschooling headfirst. For the following reasons, homeschooling should be regarded in a completely different way than public school education.

One of the drawbacks to conventional public-school systems is that they are not able to do one-on-one teaching with kids in order to nurture their particular gifts. What is great about homeschooling is that you know your child intimately and can help them develop their talents quickly and easily. This is a major advantage of home schooling, as it can help your kids develop their abilities to a far greater extent than they could in a school. It is possible because of this one-on-one interaction that you can motivate and guide your child toward a career that is best suited for them. Homeschooling, therefore, is very beneficial in developing the gifts of your child through this one-on-one interaction.

Another thing you should be aware of is that you need to have some understanding of the subjects that you were going to teach your children. You should read up on the material that you were going to teach before teaching it to your kids. It is a good idea to be at least one lesson ahead of your kids so that you are ready for any questions they may have. If there's a topic, such as math or science, that are weak spots for you and/or your spouse, you may have to hire a tutor in such subjects to make sure your kids receive a thorough education. As a teacher, remember that you will also have homework! This is so that you will be able to teach your child what they need to learn according to state standards.

There's one aspect of home schooling that can be considered either a benefit or a drawback, depending on how you look at it. It's actually both. Conforming to institutional rules is a lesson that homeschooled children will definitely miss, an important aspect of growing up to say the least. Several rules that your child will never have to abide by, unless you enforce them yourself, include dress code and punctuality. Creativity and an independent spirit may develop at home, something that may be repressed in the public schools; however your children may also suffer, being unable to follow the rules of an institution.

Homeschooling can be beneficial for some kids, but not others for various reasons. There are many resources and places to get information on homeschooling which you should research before doing this; every child is different, and every parent has their limitations. Home schooling is not exactly mainstream, but it's a choice more parents are making all the time.

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