There May Be Different Purposes To Decide To Find Out How To Make A Diaper Cake

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By Diane Dexter

For either a baby shower or for a baby once they are born, how to make a diaper cake is an extremely popular question. Ones made of diapers are often the most favorite of all gifts parents receive. While they can be purchased already made, they are usually really expensive and one can make their own for much cheaper and with better supplies.

What exactly is that? They are structures, that look like the desert made out of rolled or lined up baby diapers. Often there are other little baby gifts, such as clothing, rattles, bath supplies, or stuffed animals, that are included with the diapers. They can be small one tiered cakes, or they can be 3 or more tiers, 3 tiers is common.

For the larger cakes, at least 65-100 diapers will be needed, depending on the exact size of the structure and the actual diapers. If there are other little gifts in amongst the diapers, less diapers will be required. The cakes may look hard to make, but really it only takes a few supplies and some time to get an adorable baby gift.

The best place to start is by rolling the diapers and securing each one with a rubber band, then to gather the number needed into a circle and rubber banding that to create a tier. For the average three tier version, it will require about 67 diapers. If a larger diaper size is selected, the parents will be able to enjoy it for longer before having to take it apart.

Once each of the tiers has been completely and secured into a round shape with a rubber band, it is time to stack it. It is helpful to insert a few wooden dowels through each layer to make sure they all stay together. Dowels can be easily found at any craft store and are often amongst the cake decorating items.

After all the layers are stacked, it is time to decorate the cake. For a simple look, it can just be made up of diapers with some ribbon around each layer to hide the rubber bands. For a more decorated look, in addition to the ribbon, small toys and items can be put on it as well. This is often done by nestling the items into the diapers, gluing them to the ribbon, or tying them on.

To decorate with baby items, they can be nestled into the diapers or attached in some other way. Often, items are placed on to resemble a topper. No matter which guide on how to make a diaper cake, it will be one of the most incredibly useful and unique baby gifts.

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