A Swamp Cooler Can Save You Money And Filter Your Air

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Saturday, April 7, 2012 | 12:44 AM

By Bryan N Victoria

Making use of swamp coolers as an option to the vapor compression air conditioners in dry climate places is just not only inexpensive to install but additionally easy to preserve. In order to effectively cool the air inside a dry climate, it is important to understand what swamp cooler pads are and how they operate.

When a liquid like water evaporates into the surrounding air it cools the object that it truly is in speak to with. Swamp coolers employ this science of evaporation when a water pump drips water into the cooler pads. To understand this principle better, think in regards to the cool feeling you knowledge when coming out of a swimming pool when water evaporates allowing heat to escape. Water evaporates when the blower installed within the cooler draws in hot air from the outside, passing via the wet pads and is discharged in to the room that requirements to be cooled. When filled with water the cooler pads also act as a filtering mechanism removing allergens and dust from the incoming air.

You will find normally two varieties of pads. The first type are knows as fiber pads. The components employed to produce these kind of pads are Aspen wood shavings, synthetic and cellulose fiber, producing them low-cost and as such requiring much more replacements and maintenance servicing. Some key points to consider if you select fiber pads are that the synthetic and cellulose could be cut to match, and that precise sized aspen wood lasts longest. These pads go nicely with units which have inlets on many sides.

The second sort of swamp cooler pads are recognized as rigid media pads. The Material utilized to make rigid media is stacked corrugated sheets. They price much far more than the fiber pads but they don't call for a whole lot of maintenance and as such they can go for many years when maintained appropriately. Crucial points to think about when going with rigid media pads are that air passes via them at a lower velocity causing increased humidity and also the air to be several degrees lower than what you get with fiber pads. Rigid media pads also require an enormous initial 1 time investment.

Now that we have a greater understanding of what swamp cooler pads are it truly is also essential know how and when to replace them. Even though most units include an owners manual that explains how and when to execute a upkeep, a general rule of thumb is to conduct monthly inspections of one's swamp cooler. Replacing the pads largely revolves around draining the water and checking for mineral deposits on the pads. If you leave in an location that has difficult water or water with a lot of minerals in it, your pads will certainly get mineral create ups far more frequently than other places. In the event you decided to do it yourself, a utility knife, pliers and replacement pads is all you should perform a upkeep service. Comply with the directions on the owners manual and when in doubt, call the cooler's vendor or even a specialist for assistance.

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