Some Funny Cat Facts You Might Get Interested In

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, April 19, 2012 | 12:32 AM

By Robert Baker

Below you can find some funny cat facts. Some of them may amaze you, while some you may find useless. But for a cat-lover, all of the following are considered as precious information.

They're capable of seeing in the dark 6 times much better than humans. This is due to the fact that their eyes can reflect light. They can work as flashlights, in effect.

You refer to a group of adult cats as "clowder". A group of kittens, on the other hand, are called as "kindle". If you group felines together, usually the opposite sex will get well along better.

When they wag their tails, it doesn't mean they're happy. It means they're confused, trying to figure out which of two or more things to go for. They're nothing like dogs which wag their tails when happy.

Your feline friends like to stay on high places. Fortunately for them, their inner ear works great in maintaining their balance. It's for this reason why they're likely to land on their feet when they fall.

Compared to all mammals, they got the largest set of eyes. That is, considering the overall body proportions. The shape of their eyes too may be grouped into 3 types. They are round, slanted and almond.

Most of them are left-handed than right-handed. There are those, however, which are ambidextrous. The claws of their front paws are sharper than those at their back paws.

Daily, they devote as much as 16 hours for sleeping. Putting that fact in another way: a 7-year old feline has been awake for only a couple of years. Surely, they love to sleep a lot.

According to scientific investigations, stroking your furry friend can be good for your well-being. It's said to help minimize the existence of high blood pressure. It's also found out to reduce your risk for getting other illnesses.

Majority of white felines with blue eyes are deaf. If only an eye is blue, chances are the ear closest to the blue eye is deaf. Those with orange eyes are rarely afflicted with such problem.

Cats' whiskers are used for evaluating distance. The top 2 rows can be moved independently of the rest. Averagely, an adult one has 12 whiskers.

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