Looking Beyond The Usual For A New Pet

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, April 5, 2012 | 12:52 AM

By Robert Trivett

You just might find it right to get a non-traditional pet if you're currently wanting to buy one. Dogs and cats may still be the most popular and conventional choices, but there are other animals that could make great pets as well.

The quest for an ideal pet is best achieved by first examining the reasons why you want a pet. This could be a very crucial decision. If one is looking for companionship, maybe having a turtle isn't the best choice. But for parents who want to get a nice first pet for their children to teach them responsibility, a turtle would be perfect. There are many other pets that could make unusual, yet great options.

There are those who are put off by the fact that hamsters, gerbils and mice are rodents, but they can actually be very good pets if you come to think about it. These rodents aren't space-eaters and since they don't eat too much, they are easy to care for and feed. Kids or even adults taking care of these pets should not be too shocked about losing their pet soon, because rodent pets don't exactly have a long life span. Despite the fact that they are small, rodents need regular care. This is because cages can stink a lot if not cared for properly.

Due to their recent rise in popularity, hermit crabs are another unusual kind of pet to consider, and they're available in most stores. Though a hermit crab is neither cuddly nor friendly, it does have some distinct advantages. Since hermit crabs drink from a sponge and also change shells and burrow, young children may find them interesting. Hermit crabs don't require much maintenance except for keeping their drinking sponges wet.

Last, but not least are prairie dogs - a lot of pet owners have found out that they can make great pets too. A prairie dog is curious by nature and has a nice, unique personality. If a prairie dog is raised in captivity, the good thing is that it won't usually try to escape the fold. Litter box training is ideal for prairie dogs, but a lot of owners report that they can easily run around the house with little problem. One downside of these animals is their tendency to chew on objects. If not given the proper training, prairie dogs can easily run wild around the house and cause damage to your clothing and furniture. Since they are wild animals in the truest sense, make sure to buy them only from a trusted source.

These are just three choices for unusual and/or exotic pets. So keep these tips in mind and remember that pets aren't all about cats and dogs.

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