All You Should Know About Discus Fish

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By Marian Steele

What are Discus Fish?

The Discus fish is a member of the cichlid species belonging to the Symphysodon family. They are freshwater fishes whose natural habitats the Amazon River basin.

Over the last century, these magnificent sea creatures are fondly collected and bred by major fish enthusiasts all over the world. Many are enticed by the Discus fish since this is the only fish alive that has the capability to know its owner and has the awareness of the environment surrounding it.

It became baptized with the name "Discus" because of its flattened round shape bodies.The Discus is quite a handful to take care of. Since its natural habitat is calm and serene, you need to match those conditions with your water tanks at home.

Creating their own breed of Discus fishes at home has been a famous past-time for some people. Others have entered breeding Discus fish as a money-making venture.

Different Types of Discus Fish

The Discus family has three major species. All of them are named after their color and appearance. Here is a list of the different types of Discus fishes:

1.Symphysodon Discus. This is commonly known as the Heckel Discus. It is famous for its fifth stripe and are colored either both red and blue. This Discus fish is named after its discoverer John Heckel.

2.Symphysodon Aequifasciata Axelrodi or Brown Discus. Compared to other types of Discus, this is the quiet type.Its attitude defies its color. So, no matter how lifeless it may appear to be, it shines best with its personality.

3.Symphysodon Aequifasciatus Haraldi. Otherwise called the Blue or Turquoise Discus. These variants can reach up to 15 cm or 6 inches in size. Its characteristics are quite the same with the Brown Discus.

4.Green Discus (Symphysodon Aequifasciatus). One of the secrets that this type of Discus holds is their ability to shine brighter or dimmer inside the aquarium. Their radiant green color captivates breeders making the green Discus one of the best loved tropical fish.

Basics of Caring for Discus Fish

Caring for the Discus means keeping in mind a few important points:

1.Food. Ascertaining what the Discus fish wants to eat is crucial in keeping a healthy breed. A Discus may be fed with either dry, live or frozen food. The Discus must have a variety in its diet.

2.What should the water conditions be? The water pH inside the tank must be maintained at 6.5. The temperature as well must either be too cold or too warm. Keeping these conditions can be essential in keeping the Discus alive.

3.Aquarium. The size of the tank must be large enough to allow the Discus fish to freely swim inside the aquarium. The minimum tank size must be able to accommodate 55 gallons of water.

Breeding Discus Fish

You must have an innate love for fishes in order to succeed in Discus fish breeding. Carefully check on the transparency of the water inside the fish tank. If it becomes a bit cloudy, change the water immediately to prevent your Discus from dying or getting sick.

Always remember that the Discus fish is naturally sensitive. Spend time with your Discus and talk to them. This is very important in keeping your Discus happy. A happy fish equals a happy owner.

How to Make a Living With Discus Fish

Pet shops earn a good living out of breeding the Discus fish. There are a lot of fish lovers out there that choose Discus fish over any other type of fish.

A Discus fish is called a social fish because it is very pleasing to be around. This is mainly the reason why hobbyists purchase the Discus.

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