There are things that have never gone out of fashion and so we reap. Vintage, by definition, is the quality of a bygone era - old cars, vintage movies, vintage clothing and antique furniture. What about the curtain of the crop? We all protect our skin and eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays, so why not in style at home?

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Thursday, March 1, 2012 | 7:32 AM

Shades Vintage Style # 1:

Vintage Sunglasses. Sunglasses do more to ensure your comfort and eye protection when the sun is shining on your face - they are fresh. Put a pair of sunglasses, and you can select just your team. Vintage imitation birkin handbags Sunglasses are often large - too large for the face, large - round and are often available in a variety of shapes of wire, colors and sizes. Shadows in the form of hearts, stars, or the lips were also very popular once upon a time. In essence, the sunglasses and even an accessory that can and should be spent.

Shades Vintage Style Hermes Wallets # 2:

Shows of the year. You know the house of his grandmother recently? You may have noticed a shade cloth for a few, with tassels, embroidery and possibly some silhouettes. Although it will not be to your taste, but there is something magical and nostalgic, like everything is dated. In a way it makes you feel back in time to a place where nothing matters have increased, because none of this actually happening to you.

Shades Vintage Style # 3:

Classic umbrella. The screens are stylish enough for use in rain or shine. Period styles are white lace, with a style to enjoy the sun, black-and-white pattern and fabric always a hit, or bright colors. Satin is ideal for the summer as a decorative wood roof. Above were a popular type of roof and still look very cool on the beach or even outside the dining table. Cloth is and remains a popular choice for a shade garden mainsail, other waterproof materials work as well.

Shades Vintage Style # 4:

Hats time. Hats are a modern and attractive, a cool head and face to keep covered from the sun. Large-caps have recently made a comeback. Women in the sunniest regions of the world can be found under the flexible rattan hats and men in their black hats. Accounts, network, feathers and flowers adorning the headgear of women through the decades. A summer hat is such a thing as beauty, its purpose is purely decorative and fits well with his team as a result, the general mood and style.

There are so many things that she really done so, which is precisely why the fashion designers, architects and well-dressed people around the world are constantly looking back for inspiration.

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