Some Significant Facts About Acquiring Permit For Home Improvement

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 | 12:46 AM

By Rowan Pewter

You'll need to acquire necessary permit from the state government if ever you want to undergo a home improvement construction. This involves siding repair, wall repainting, adding a terrace and even a second floor to your house. Verify first with your local homeowners' association any matters of restriction as well as requirements that you have to pass before going through with the construction.

It is your right to improve your home because it is in your ownership after all. But then again, you have to understand that you'll need a building or zoning permit first prior to starting these improvement projects. Even the addition of fences, swimming pools and parking areas require necessary permits.

In Virginia, there are regulations that guide the construction of buildings or houses. Even the addition of house extensions and additional structures in one's property are guided by these regulations. These rules are actually made to ensure the safety of the residents from accidents and other dangerous situations that may arise from construction.

The construction of a house extension counts as a kind of home improvement project. Such extensions include decks, sunrooms, garages and sheds which land area amounts to 200 square feet and more. If your future deck equals to 16.5 inches and more, you have to make sure that you'll get due permission from your local government first. Replacing your gas logs and furnaces also need permits from the state office.

Indoor construction and renovation projects that involve structural alterations also need permits. You have to acquire due authorization when you want to change your electrical, heating, mechanical and plumbing systems at home. If the pool that you want to have constructed measures about 150 square feet or more and if its depth reaches two feet, you'll also have to get permission.

Other home improvement projects fortunately do not need permits. But then again, they have to pass your local construction standards. These projects are referred to as usual home repairs such as the application of wallpapers, wall repainting and the replacement of cabinets and other fixtures.

There is no need for a permit when all you want to do is repair parts of your house. Home improvements such as the construction of a shed that measures less than 200 square feet also do not need any permit. The installation of low voltage wiring systems such as doorbells and security alarms also do not count as major construction activities. Thus, these improvements do not need any permit as well.

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