Scavenger Hunt Planning Tricks

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Saturday, March 3, 2012 | 1:21 AM

By Mary Warne

Scavenger Hunts are lots of fun. You can organize a scavenger hunt for children's birthday parties, teens, adults or even in your place of work either as a inspirational exercise or as a team building tool.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

First and foremost, decide the location and area where the hunt will occur. Next depending on the geography, think whether you'll be hiding items or if they're going to be things that are in place at your location. Then decide if you want a theme for your scavenger hunt. If yes, you've got to make a group of clues that coincide with the scavenger hunt theme. For harder scavenger hunts, compose your clues in a code that the teams need to decipher. Next, decide whether each item will have value points and with that, will there be penalty points and award points at every stage.

Make it Challenging

To make the most of the scavenger hunt, you can make it as challenging as you need. To start with, set a map which takes the players of the hunt to the point where they find the clue. Make it in such a way that it leads them to the next level and so on until they reach their destination. Clues can be riddles, widely known attractions or locations that everyone is aware of. In the event of kids, let the clues be in the guise of photographs in order that they can easily identify and crack the answer without much difficulties.


When you organize a scavenger hunt, relying upon the participant - decide the sector and limit for the hunt. For adults, it can be around the town but for youngsters you may want to limit the area such as your garden. Before organizing make sure that it is safe. You may go for public garden also. If you prefer your house for the scavenger hunt, make sure that you alert your neighbours about the day and time so they aren't upset by the activity.

Ultimately, remember excitement is the key to fun. Make the scavenger hunt as adventuresome as possible. Think about awards and rewards to keep the participants inspired throughout the hunt. Especially if the players are children, do not forget to give them prizes for their special effort.

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