Makes use of Of Soft Wall Panel 3D Wall Panel In Interior Design

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By Joseph Devine

Malaysia is without doubt one of the countries in South East Asia whose architectural designs are famous across the world. The mere mention of Petronas Twin Towers would make anyone think of Malaysia. However the Petronas Twin Towers is just one of the many magnificent edifices in Malaysia where architecture and art is combined.

Other than the architectural magnificence of the structures, the interior decorations are also reflections of Malaysia's creativity and artistry.

In interior design, one of many ways to enhance a room's aura, reflect its purpose and engaging the senses of an individual inside the room, is thru wall decorations. The walls do not have to be full of it, simple designs and decors can establish a room's ambiance. Wall panels play an vital role in enhancing a room. Decorative wall panels can add texture and style to the overall design.

In many modern Malaysian homes and buildings, wall panels may be seen. Even old structures could make use of wall paneling, to even out bumps, hide away cracks or to cover up walls that has faded paints or falling plasters. Wall panels can transform and restore an old structure's energy and vibe.

Since wall paneling is now commonly utilized in interior design, various forms of paneling has been created. These days, using 3D wall panel is the trend, simply because it can add to the beauty of a room and may stand as a decoration all alone, with out anything being placed on the wall. 3D wall panel designs are very artistic and varied.

The panels can contain hard materials or soft materials inside the 3D design. As with other kinds of wall panels, these types are easy to install and maintain. Many 3D wall panels are made using bio-degradable products like bamboo fibers or sugar cane fibers. This makes it environment friendly while adding texture, style and art into any room.

Another type of wall paneling that's getting used is soft wall panel Soft wall panel, unlike 3D wall panel, has been around for a long time. The main purpose of using soft wall panel is in acoustics. Many establishments in Malaysia are using this kind of paneling for sound proofing a room.

Soft wall panels are commonly found not just in recording studios or radio booths, but in addition in meeting rooms, board rooms, audio visual rooms, theaters, cinemas or even classrooms. It may also be used at home, in music rooms or any part of the home that generates lots of noise. Using soft wall panel can prevent noise from getting out of a room or getting inside a room.

There are various firms that supply wall paneling in Malaysia, but for the 3D wall panel and soft wall panel, it's best to go to corporations that specialised in these types of paneling. A couple of notable corporations in Malaysia that provide 3D wall panels and boards are Goodrich Collection Sdn Bhd, with showrooms in Nilai, Shah Alam and Taiping; and Infinity Home Deco in Kuala Lumpur. For soft panel and acoustic panels, notable corporations are E-Acoustic Sdn Bhd in Selangor and ISTIQ Noise Control Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur.

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