Learn How to Cut the Uncut Gems in Runescape

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Sunday, March 11, 2012 | 12:43 AM

By Wallace Janosko

Runescape is a good massively multiplayer online game. In the game you can have many professions. The game will not restrict you of the professions. Players can get the gems by buying them from the Grand Exchange or by mining. If you choose the mining as one of your professions you can mine many of the materials by yourself.

Many players have to buy the materials because they cannot mine for the materials. When you are fighting with all the monsters they will probably drop some items ore materials. In addition , you can get some rewards from the quests. The gemstones come in three forms. You can cut gems, uncut gems and bolt tips. Uncut gems are a rare natural resource. It can be get from the natural world. The cut gems can be used to make jewelry. The bolt tips are used with a crossbow.

You can use your craft professions to craft the gems into jewelry. The jewelry is very expensive item. It can be sold for a good amount of gold in the Grand Exchange. The cut gems can be used for jewelry making or can be sold directly in the Grand Exchange.

But the jewelry will sell for over the gems. When players wear the jewelry with stats, their energy will gain. They can be more powerful when they wear the jewelry. So you can see that every player wants to have their own jewelry.

You should begin to craft by learning to cut the diamonds, rubies and emeralds. If you are a member of the Runescape it is possible to access to Dragonstones. They are good materials to level your crafting profession in the game. It is very important level up your crafting professions. You will not be able to cut gems until you reached at least level twenty.

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