Holidays In Turkey:Holidays in Turkey - The Success Story Continues

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Monday, March 12, 2012 | 1:17 AM

By Davey Golinson

The Turkish Tourism and Culture Office (TCCO) reports a continuing success for the country in attracting visitors. For 2010, the TCCO reveals that over 28 million visits were made to the country by international tourists, with 2.7 million of these originating from the UK - a 10% increase on the 2009 figure.

Part of this success can be attributed to the fact that Istanbul was the European Capital of Culture, thus ensuring a fillip of interest in the attractions of this unique city straddling the continents of Europe and Asia. However, it is also likely that the strength of the Euro (since diminished) in most of 2010 meant that UK visitors in particular were looking for holidays outside the Eurozone. Turkey was an obvious choice. So - where are these UK visitors going? Well, clearly Istanbul is always important, especially for the traveller looking for a coach touring holiday. Most of these start from Istanbul, where visitors can enjoy several nights exploring the city and its major attractions - Topkapi Place, the Blue Mosque and St. Sophia amongst them. The most popular tours then take in the Aegean and Turquoise Coasts, with a focus on the 5,000 years of civilization in evidence at Troy, Priene, Didyma, Ephesus and much else besides.

However, the vast majority of travellers from the UK head directly to the Mugla region - Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. This region has over 50 Blue Flag beaches, 1,100 km of coastline, a fabulous climate and a host of activities and archaeological sites. With direct flights to the region from airports all over the UK, it is no surprise that one-centre holidays are massively popular.

Side, The biggest selling point of this resort is the ease with which the modern resort facilities sit amongst the fascinating archaeological ruins. This classical seaside resort sees the meeting of old and new, with trendy modern living next door to the ancient ruins of theatres and bars. Fashionable shops are available for avid shoppers, and a host of bars are available to show off your new purchases. For lazy days when all you want is the sea and sun, two stretches or golden beaches are perfectly positioned for hours of tanning. For many, lying on the warm sands alongside glistening ocean waters is the perfect holiday activity, and you can enjoy this as much as you want when in Side on a Turkey holiday.

Along with the success, of course, comes the need to maintain the quality of the holiday experience. This phase of Turkey's tourism development can be traced back to the mid 1980, where rules were already in place to control the type of building and amenities: the aim always to avoid the tower-block mentality which overtook the planners in some other destinations at the time. As part of the drive to maintain value and interest for the discerning traveller the TCCO currently encourages the idea of Gulet (yacht) cruising. With much of Holidays In Turkey coastline accessible only by boat, a yacht cruise is an ideal way to escape crowds and discover new and less developed places.

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