A Checklist Of Basic Parenting Skills

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Friday, March 2, 2012 | 12:49 AM

By Pette P Suben

You have probably encountered this line a number of times before. That is, that parenting being the most difficult job in the world. It is not a regular job where you need to apply, get hired and get paid at the end of the month. But like any other job, it requires skills that will aid you in performing the duties and responsibilities associated with it.

You, being your own boss, should see to it you possess these skills if you want your kids to become happy and successful in life. First on the list is communication skills. This doesn't mean being a pro at public speaking but that you should be able to understand communication as a two-way process. You need to learn to listen. You should also learn how to communicate well, regardless of the age of your children.

Patience is another skill that every parent should have. It is something that you can learn and that you must learn. In essence, it is the ability to wait for something to happen without being upset or angry. As a mom or dad, there are things that you would want your kids to learn. And there are times when no matter how much effort you put in, in teaching them, it takes time before what you want happens.

This is one situation where patience matters a lot. Things like total transformation or the development of ideal values don't happen in a snap. Thus, you need to be patient so as not to frustrate yourself or your kids. You also need to be skillful in terms of disciplining your kids and yourself, too. Consistency is crucial in forming good habits in kids. And while it can be difficult you should learn the art of disciplining yourself enough to avoid giving in to your child's prodding to break house rules.

Furthermore, to be able to parent happy and successful kids, you would need to have multitasking skills. Every mom and dad would be called to take on different roles as they strive to become the best parents. Therefore, don't focus on just being the breadwinner of the family or the cook. You have to be a friend, a coach, an adviser and a lot more.

The art of positive parenting should be the main driver in families, and not the traditional authoritative parenting. The saying still holds true: it is not easy to become a parent. But being equipped with the right skills can certainly contribute to a less stressful job as a parent.

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