The Advantages Of A Preschool Program In Princeton

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 | 12:59 AM

By Phil R. Thurkist

The fast pace of the modern world has an impact on everybody, even on toddlers and young children. In many families both parents work full time and there is no longer a chance to prepare younger children for school. That is why it is important to take the time to evaluate more than one preschool program in Princeton.

Many modern children grow up in isolation, without the benefit of interaction with others their own age. By enrolling young children in these courses parents allow them to develop essential social skills, to learn about the dynamics of groups and to grasp the importance of basic life concepts. Programs vary wildly, but in most cases the focus is upon allowing the child to develop a broad base of basic skills that will allow them to adapt to formal schooling without undue stress.

One of the most important components of early development curricula is the development of group work. Children need to know how to interact with others, how to resolve conflict and how to compromise when the situation demands it. They need to learn that they cannot have their own way all the time, but also that it is not important to always get their own way.

Children have to grow used to the idea that they cannot be in the company of their immediate family at all times. Many facilities make provision for systems whereby children attend for only a few hours per day in the beginning, gradually lengthening the attendance hours as they grow older. This helps young children to become more independent.

Most curricula make adequate provision for activities that improve hand eye coordination skills and in most cases learning takes place through play. Potential motor skill problems can in this way be identified early and steps can be taken to deal with such problems before it is too late. Creativity and independent thinking are also developed in this manner.

Of course, any child that is able to count, recognize shapes and to even read has a distinct advantage when entering the formal schooling system. Many courses therefore make provision for at least some schooling in these subjects. Some programs that focus on gifted children place a very high emphasis on the early cognitive development of children but there is a danger in placing too much pressure on young children to achieve.

Parents should exercise patience when selecting a preschool program in Princeton. It may be wise to ask advice from other parents and to obtain references. There can be no doubt, however, that these curricula can play a big role in preparing the young child for later schooling and for healthy interaction with his peers.

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