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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 | 7:47 PM

Vintage fashion has enjoyed a renaissance lately with the number of celebrities and young women turning to vintage dresses to make them look special when they are dressing up. Text loans online from Peachy Loans will make you put the wow in retro when you choose clothes this weekend. Peachy Loans is a payday loan lender who recognises the importance of looking pretty without an expensive price tag. Let's face it: high street clothing seems to rise in cost every year while discount clothing does not have the fashion touch of glamour that we desire. This is why one of kind vintage pieces look brilliant. Use text loans online to get your retro look sorted out.

How to pick the right vintage dresses depending on the occasion you are going to

Vintage dresses can mix in a wide variety of occasions. Here is Peachy Loans' guide to choosing the right ones for you while using text loans online.

Dates: The first flush of excitement by going on a date can never be replaced. Add some old style glamour to it by choosing a vintage dress in a warm palette of colours. 1920s flapper dresses look gorgeous when you wear them on a date. Text loans online from Peachy are unique in that they are fixed at 100 each. This means you can get the 1920s style vintage dresses without breaking the bank. High street stores know that there is plenty of value in these types of vintage dresses for dates because women want to look classic and fresh which is why high street copies can be more expensive than they are worth. When you use a 100 loan from Peachy, you are giving yourself the best possible way to make a good impression when you meet someone new.

Meeting the parents: When you are introduced to the parents of your partner, it is critical that you make a good impression. It is fair to say that many modern parents still have drops of conservative attitudes in them which is why you should always err on the side of caution when it comes to making a good impression. Choose vintage dresses with long hemlines. It was traditionally thought that the reason why long hemlines were popular in the 1940s was because of the austerity period. As austerity has returned, text loans online can make you look like the conservative woman from yesteryear without compromising on your personality.

Top tip: Apply via text message for a hassle free way to get the vintage look of your dreams. It is well known that more people in the UK use mobile internet applications to conduct their lives. Applying for text loans online is not something new - it is soon going to be the future of short term cash loans. At Peachy, we process around 95% of the applications we receive instantly - use your mobile phone to wear the best vintage dresses at the drop of a hat without waiting in line!

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