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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Sunday, June 10, 2012 | 1:28 AM

By Juliana Valente

Some housecleaners risk their lives when cleaning home windows. Sometimes they're hung to clean the glass, but are essential to clean regularly the windows so hard waste doesn't accumulate and make harder to remove.

Some people, when are cleaning, especially windows and glass, do not know how to clean and also do not know which products are best suited for use to clean.

There are many products that can damage the windows and even leave them stained. So be careful when purchasing any chemical.

It's ideal to clean windows regularly, and you do not need to spend much money to get your windows cleaned.

This is the step by step technique on how to clean windows.

* When it is time to clean windows, you should consider the following: if the window is made of wood, steel or aluminum. When the window is made of wood, avoid dripping water in it, as this may damage the paint and damage the wood over time.

* Wash one face of the glass with horizontal movements and the other side of the window on vertical, so you can analyze if someplace was spotted.

* Use a squeegee that contains a sponge on the end, the sponge must be soft to avoid any scratch.

* Apply a soft cloth to polish and get the glass transparent.

* Newspaper is an outstanding choice to polish windows.

* It is ideal to clean the windows on cloudy days the sun can spot the windows and let the glasses with difficult stains to remove.

* Use a small brush or cotton swabs to clean all corner of your window.

The windows will look best if they are cleaned regularly. Homemade products work as well as the commercial products used to clean windows and you'll save money. But be careful that any product does not drip on the wood, paint or varnish because the wood can be damaged.

How to get rid of ink stain on the glass?

It is very easy to clean ink from a glass window. You don't need any chemicals, but you need a very sharp razor blade (as strange as it may look). Essentially, you use a razor blade to get rid of the paint from the glass, forcing the blade between the paint and glass.

For all those who live in places like Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the sea breeze is a factor that contributes to dirty windows. Particularly after winter where strong gusts of wind and not enough maintenance on the outside of the house leave horrible spots on windows and glass. Cape Cod Cleaning companies might help you clean the home windows during the spring cleaning. Not all Cape Cleaning companies will get your windows very well cleaned; just few of them are capable to complete the job that you desire.

Recipe for a homemade glass cleaner:

* 2 Tablespoons of ammonia or vinegar or lemon juice (use only one of these items)

* Half-cup of cleaning alcohol

* Half-tablespoon of dishwashing detergent

* Mix all the items with water in a spray bottle and shake well.-Now just use to clean glass and windows. Spray the window and pass a soft dry cloth to remove the product.

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