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Written By Arman Zulhajar on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 | 2:24 AM

By Arny Hanks

The abbreviated meaning for HVAC is Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning. Every family prefers having an extra comfort and that is exactly what HVAC aims at. But at the same time, it can also indicate extra expenses for repair when it fails to function. Let us understand the meaning of HVAC.

Heating - The first portion of HVAC is heating. Most of the times, it is used as a central system for heating such as a furnace or a boiler which is required for heating water or the air inside a home. There can be ducts which act as a transport system to move warm air from one room to the other. Most of the times, the heating part of this system is often located in the coldest areas of a home so that there is proper circulation of the air all across.

Ventilation - Ventilation is very important when it comes with an AC and an AC cannot function without ventilation. Ventilation is used to pull air from outside which filters the existing air in the room. This will provide with extra quality air in a room. There are some rooms in a home where ventilation is required in mechanical form to help lower humidity and odor.

Air Condition - The last 2 alphabets 'AC' from HVAC stands for Air condition. Most of the homes prefer air conditioners to cool their homes during hot climatic conditions or during any time of the day or night when the entire members of the family feel that they are all feeling very hot. During this time, people prefer an air conditioner to avail cool air. There are 3 main types of AC's

Window AC - A window AC is considered to be one of the cheapest types of AC and which are found in most homes across the globe. This AC has been forever in demand. Installation of a window AC is very easy and all what you require is an open window.

It is very easy to fix a Window AC even without the help of an air conditioner mechanic. All what is required is an open space in the window. If there are continuous power failures, you must not forget installing a stabilizer with the Air conditioner.

Split AC - This is another model Air Conditioner where the compressor and the unit are separated. The compressor is located on the outside of a home and therefore there will be no sound emitted from Split AC as compared to that of Window AC. The cost of a split AC is higher than that of a Window AC.

Central Air Conditioner - This is the most sophisticated type of Air Conditioner. In both the above mentioned ones, the cooling takes place in a particular room or hall, while central Air Conditioner is mostly used when someone prefers cooling their whole home, apartment or office. You can find central Air Conditioners in places such as Shopping Malls, Theaters etc.

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