Keeping Your Loved Ones Secure From Bear Assaults

Written By Arman Zulhajar on Friday, June 15, 2012 | 1:25 AM

By Roicko B Sharracino

I was preparing an outdoor camping trip together with my family for the summer the moment I came across dreadful reports of bear attacks in the news. Putting my loved ones at risk is definitely not an option, especially since our getaway was supposed to be a fun and also relaxing period for everyone.

Instead of canceling our trip entirely, my spouse recommended that we buy bear pepper spray online. She had heard about its usefulness and felt certain that it was what we required in order to keep our family secure.

Almost like any other defense spray, bear pepper spray leaves an unbearable burning feeling in the face of the bear. The pain induced will fend off the attacking creature, offering you a chance to bring your family to a more secure place.

Despite the fact that bear spray is quite similar to normal pepper spray, it's not recommended for use on human beings. Making use of regular pepper spray for bears is not advisable either.

While shopping for our options on the web, I found a Guard Alaska bear spray in a 9 oz. can. This very hot pepper spray works well for keeping bears away and is the only one listed with the EPA for repelling all varieties of bears, all from 15 to 20 feet away.

Pepper spray for bears is effective in reducing the fatalities in human beings that get assaulted by these kinds of wild animals. The reason is that these types of sprays will cause the bear to run off rather than taking part in a potential fight.

Besides protecting humans, bear repellent spray is great for reducing the deaths in bears that attack. This is mainly because defense sprays are non-lethal so that the bears can recover from the effects as well as go back to their population safely.

Deciding to buy bear pepper spray online was surely a good one that would still allow me to take my loved ones on an outdoor vacation. Furthermore, I feel much better knowing that I can safeguard my family without needing to hurt any kind of bear.

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